Monitor and control air quality

in an energy efficient way

Save energy and improve

your health

Fresh air health benefits

Fresh air and proper ambient temperatures have a high impact on our health and lifestyle.


The air inside your home or building is often 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside

Stay focused and productive

Avoid respiratory issues

Gain body energy

Fight against allergies and sickness

Get better nights sleep

What Vebbu does

How it works

Air Flow


Heat Recovery Vent

Heat Recovery Vent


Mobile App

  • Smart, air quality driven system
  • Monitors and controls different rooms
  • Monitoring total air quality (temperature, humidity, co2, voc)
  • No wiring between units
  • Less noise
  • 50% less installation time than other HRV solutions
  • Integration of heating and ventilation (roadmap)

Heat recovery Ventilator

  • Very quiet
  • Recovers up to 90% of heat captured in air and saves up to 40% on energy bill
  • Requirements: 160mm hole in
  • the wall, internet connection, 230 V charge
  • Wall thickness 250-500 mm
  • Energy consumption: up to 10Wh
    per unit
  • Capacity up to 50 m³/h
  • Three speeds for low noise

Heat recovery Sensor

  • Monitors: temperature, humidity,
    e-co₂, VOC & dust
  • Easy to install


  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time feedback
  • Notifies you if it senses dangerous levels of co₂ & voc
  • Schedules
  • Analytics, data and trending graphs


Heat Recovery is mandatory

requirement in Germany.

  • Heat recovery market is rocketing, double digit growth for decentralized units in 2015. Read more here.

  • Energy neutral houses: As per EU regulations, both new and retrofit buildings should comply with the Energy Performance Coefficient. The expectations in Western Europe are so high that can only be met by apply heat recovery ventilation solutions.

  • Biggest market is Germany, The Netherlands is most developed one in terms of penetration and UK is the fastest growing market.



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